Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's only 4:30pm and I am having to leave work to go get food because I have been really bad about it. Yesterday I didn't eat because I was too busy and forgot to. Then today I didn't eat until I was stone white and my daddy made me eat week old potatoes from KFC!! It was disgusting. But I am thankful he had it because I soon figured out I had been starving. I haven't eaten since and am already getting the shakes! So I am sitting waiting on my food because I am really hungry. Lesson of the day: EAT! no matter what the reason you haven't been... EAT!!!!!!

Your beautiful! Xox

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  1. whoa yeah, eating is good. it's way better than passing out.

  2. Please take better care of yourself, we the fans, need you strong in mind, body and heart!! Take care!

  3. ha! agreed anna. we want u aliveeee!

  4. your health is more important than work miley,
    GOD gave you your body to treat right, if you dont look after it he wont be best pleased,
    take care miey, look after yourself, Please!!!!.

  5. I can't tell you how many times I have done the same stupid thing! You put off eating, put it off and the next thing you know you're STARVING, shaking and ready to eat the entire refrigerator! So uh yeah... I am familiar. I am actually glad to know I am not the only person who does this, even though it's soo bad.

    Take care of yourself! :)

  6. haha yesterday i forgot to eat and my mum went mad. 'how can you forget to eat'! ermm well i was busy. So know i have to eat meals when she does cause she thinks i am doing it on purpose. But if you ask any of my friends about me eating they just laugh as i am the smallest bet EAT SOOO MUCH and are always like and you can still eat that after all you have just had ! :D

  7. you gotta eat, girl! we want you full & happy! i'll have mrs. fields delivery service bring you cookies! :)

  8. Girl, you better eat.
    Don't starve yourself.

    Ily =)



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