Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello everyone. I am in a glorious mood! I was making plans for tonight, after the hm set and the studio, and got invited to go dancing, and clubbing, and out with a bunch of friends that were doing that. I said no, and made plans for my boyfriend and myself to hang out at the house, lay around in sweats, eat pizza, play games, watch tv and movies. Just hang out. My knight in shining armor! The shiney armor being pajamas and pizza stains. Duh! He was so happy about it, and that made me smile. Girls if yall can't hang out with your boyfriend in sweats and no make-up, he isn't good enough for u! And if your looking for a serious relationship. TRY IT. If he doesn't say u are most beautiful without make-up (which u ARE) then it shouldn't work for u! Don't settle for anything less than the best! I hope u are all having a blessed day.
God bless, I love yall! Xo

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  1. Amen and amen. I couldn't agree with you more. Too many girls feel pressure from guys to be's just unrealistic and very unhealthy. I'm glad you found a guy that appreciates you for you, Miley :)

  2. Completely agree with you on that! That's how I knew that my boyfriend was the one, because he said I looked the best when I was in shorts, a t-shirt, and no make up. We have been together for almost 8 yrs!! I love how he makes me feel beautiful just by looking at me :)

    God Bless you and your amazing relationship, may love and happiness last forever between you two!

  3. Hey Miley!What's up?? I hope u have a nice day!
    Follow me.....Please!!!

  4. ur beautiful...especially for your heart. most ppl would take that offer, and that's perfectly fine, but i admire you so much for always doing what you want to do and not caring about what others might think of you. ur amazing and i hope you and liam are having THE best night ever!! you deserve it after everything you do!! you are so busy!! like ashley said last night, THANKS to you for taking the time to talk with us and share your life, prayers, and words of wisdom! we love it and we love YOU!! xoxoxoxox



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