Sunday, February 14, 2010

I told everyone in a mileyworld blog, and wanted to say it again - I haven't given up hybrids! Yesterday I picked up my new suv, it's so cute and has more space. I needed more space. Not just because Mate is getting bigger but also because having a tiny car in LA is just scary! I love my new car. It is hybrid, super safe, a beautiful color, perfect size, it's rad! Mercedes released a new hybrid suv and that's what I have. I really recommend it, I love it! I hope everyone is having such an awesome Valentines Day! What am I doing? Working. Duh. I'm so boring. But it's making music for you guys and I love that and making yall happy. Have a blessed day! =)

Be safe on the road, especially the ones I am driving, hehe. Xox.

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  1. proud of u for stickin w/ hybrids

  2. oooo i bet it's really cute!! and good thats it's hybrid :)
    btw thank you for giving me a bday shoutout! you rock! now it really is an amazing day :)
    Love, Paige

  3. so glad you changed your car!, the Prius is on recall as it has brake problems (worldwide) been a few deaths, bigger car means more protection if you have a mad driver bump into you, love the q&a's but seem to miss out on timings of them, love mate, hes a cool looking dog,I'll vote for you in KCA's, & demi as Sonny is so funny espes with Chad!if working on valentines day makes you happy why should peeps find it boring? you do your thang, enjoy life, life can be a warm apple crumblie!! Yuumm!!, love ya, freddie C

  4. I just notices, you have a blackberry. I always thought you had an iphone.

    Awesome! Are you gonna be seen driving it around? I love cars that have more space. The people that drive me to church finally got a bigger car, I seriously had to get in between two tight carseats and like turn to the side to get in. It was terrible, haha! I probably could never afford a mercedes in my life, but you work hard for the money so it's good. You hardly get breaks so you definitely deserve everything you have!



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