Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About my break, and about my happiness.

So my break has been amazing, and yes, it is still going on. I've enjoyed it so much. Enjoying life, enjoying the people I'm with, enjoying what I've been doing. Life has been so great. I just wanted to let everyone know that. And if there has been anyone that has helped me throughout this break, considering that YES it is hard to stay away from updating you guys - especially with the LAME rumors that go around everyday, is Nick! He's been so great. He deleted some things to stop looking at online things this week too, and we've been visiting a lot and we've talked about it a few times but it's just not a huge thing anymore. Everyone is just so happy with life right now and I am so happy about it. Maybe it's the time of year! But it is just so amazing, and I am so happy, and I hope everyone else is as well!
I was always kinda worried about what I said on the internet because there is a level of personal space I want to keep to myself. And I'd keep running my mouth about that place I had for myself! But that won't happen anymore. This time has made me realize what is important in life. And I hope some of ya'll realize it too VERY. SOON. =]

I haven't been so happy in a long time, and I am just so happy and loving my life. But I just wanted to update you guys, remind you that I am doing well, I am very happy, and that I will continue this break because it is healthy, I am happy not having so much controversy. I say something and people continue to try and pick it apart. Everyone does it, and that's okay. I am the one who feeds the info to judge. And I am stopping that. that is what I'm doing now, is learning to do that. Not only for me, but for you guys too. Because I hate that some sit around and base a lot of their time waiting on me to say something so they can ponder on that all day. And no, I am not feeding my ego or trying to sound bigger than I am, I have been told through twitter that that is what people do, and I have seen some very sad cases of people who live for that. And guys, it isn't a good thing. At least be productive. But I love you, and I don't mean to stop loving me, because I love you too much to lose ya! <3

About the Super Bowl - I'm not a HUGE sports fan, but I love the Giants. They are my favorite team, I watch their games. I love them. As for anyone else, no offense to ANYBODY, I'm just not a sports person. But it was a very moving day for me, had a lot go on that day, had some moments that were amazing, and experiences that I'll never forget. And of course The Saints won. My mom was really angry because she was all for the Colts, and so is my dad so he was too. But my boyfriend was going for The Saints, and HE bought the pizza, so I was like "I'll pay you back by voting with you!" so YAYYY!! And "The Who" was INCREDIBLE. Anyway! Good job on the superbowl, it was pretttyyyy cool. =]

I don't really know what else to do with thsi blog, I just wanted to say that life is GOOD guys. LIFE. IS. GOOD. I can't stop smiling, I haven't for days, it's been amazing. Love is amazing.
I don't know what else to say because life is too good, and talking about it would just make it something that wasn't as special as it is. So I'm very happy with my personal life, and I'm getting dates to go out of the country and see some of ya'll soon. Hannah is doing amazing, the new record is rockin', ya'll will LOVE IT. It's sounding SO great. My little brother got a new dog too!!!!!!!! Which is amazing, he got it from an abused animal clinic and it's just the CUTEST little shakey dog ever. Anyway.

I was watching tv just now, and I am talking to somebody so I can't really focus. Basically, the break will continue, I am enjoying it and I hope you all are enjoying me SHUTTING UP FOR ONCE too! =] Ha! Life is good. Life is soo sooooooo SOOOOO good!

I love you all so much! You're so amazing and thank you for everything, and putting up with me. I know I've been so mixed up in the past, but I am finally on the ground. I am happy, stable, and ready to take the world by storm! I can't wait to make everyone go crazy! Bad crazy, good crazy, it's still crazy! There won't be a person on this earth that doesn't know my name when I'm done!=] I'm determined.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Xoxoxo,

P.S. I'm still addicted to the same colored eyes I always have been. It won't ever change.



  1. Awww, I love you Miley !
    I am glad you're happy, that's all that matters.
    Keep up the happiness girlie !
    Love you,


  2. ur amazing girl! i wish i could be as happy as you are. don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life, but I always feel there's some things missing. You might feel like that too sometimes, but I just wish I could smile and smile and smile like you are doing right now. you are beautiful and amazing (not that I haven't said that a billion times before!) I hope you get what I'm saying. Keep loving your "shut-up break" lol and always remember you are loved!!!!!!!!!!! never forget that.

    ps! does doing a miley & mandy show video count as going against your break?! i hope not! i miss them :( and i know you said you're both super busy, but that would be GREATTTT if u guys made one :) but who am i to know if some other things are going on between you guys or what, so now i'm the one who's gonna do the shutting up! luhhh you babe!!! <3

  3. also.....i think you should change the name of your blog from "confessions of a broken heart"! I realllyyyyyyyyyyyy hope your hearts not breaking anymore :/ life is too great to be sad over something stupid making us depressed or mad or whatever! just saying!

  4. it`s a good thing that you were able to take a break of internet; i tryied too; it worked a few days, i deleted even my hi5 ( and everybody was something like: woaaaaaaaaaaaw, youuu deleted your hi5? can`t believe it! ) .. and i tryied to stay with my computer closed. it didn`t works anymore :)) but i`ll try again.

    i`m glad you`re happy; keep it! and about dogs... i know you love dogs, so i recomend you a movie... a sad movie about the true love and loiality of a dog. i really cryied when i saw it; and it`s about a true story which happened in Tokyo, 1930 or something like that. that movie is called " Hachiko - A Dog`s story"... this is the remake; but the first version is called " Hachiko monogatari" (i loved it more, but the other one was good too.) ... anyway, when you`ll have time, and if you want to, i hope you`ll watch this movie. it`s really, really great, and the saddes part - it`s true.

    enjoy your break! Love you.

    - Aida -

  5. Miley, Short and sweet - thanks alot. Continue being happy! :)

  6. Hey MC.
    I am soo happy you are happy. :) That's what it's all about. I miss your little encouragements though!
    Enjoy your life.



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