Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know everyone is waiting for a big thing about Chile and Hawaii as well. Honestly, I don't know what to say. It's crazy that all of this is happening. I think it's all becoming clear what we are doing to this planet. We take it for granted, and act like it's nothing. We can do anything we want. Then eventually things like this start happening. This isn't fate, this isn't God, this is what we have done. What we've done is now killing people, and overall the planet as well. I feel very blessed that my family wasn't harmed in the activity, and I pray and am so happy that none of you were affected as well PHYSICALLY. But all in all, we were ALL affected. And we don't have this timed, the same thing could happen where we live tomorrow. A family friend of ours since my mom was little called our house yesterday. Well her mom did. the mom called my mom and said that her daughter (moms friend ) was in Japan where the tsunami was suppose to hit. That the daughter had called and told her to tell everyone if they didn't hear from her by 9 a.m. she loved us all very much. It was so traumatic, we were all in shock and we were all SO worried. We woke up this morning to find out the tsunami didn't hit, THANK GOD!!! My mom was so thankful and we all are. Now we are praying that she gets a flight home, and can make it home very safetly and unharmed. Haiti, Chile, Hawaii, and other places where these natural disasters have taken place, and/or WILL take place need our prayers. And our HELP. So be involved, make sure to do anything you can to help! I will be too. I've told everyone for months LET'S HELP THE PLANET, let's DO THINGS, and it never happened. Maybe now things will! We can all pitch in and try to help the PLANET. Not just OURSELVES.
My prayers and my heart go out to everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis.

A lot of people have been starting a lot about Nick J & myself. We are best friends guys! We enjoy being best friends and love it very much. We both love where we are and who we are with, and we enjoy eachothers company as well. We've been writing a lot lately, we've been hanging out quite a bit and that's rad, we've loved it. Don't get into it so much that you guys start assuming things, or even TRYING to figure out what's going on. We're close. That's my answer. We are very close and we're best friends. It's awesome being in the same town as your best friend once in a while, and being able to see eachother. And also everyone has been asking why I haven't been "talking about Liam," that's becasue I love having my personal life to myself some. I love you guys more than anything, and you DO know me, you know me, trust me. But there's just little things I like to keep to myself, for me. =]
It's so awesome having Nick, Demi, and Liam all in the same town for once. All at home, all able to hang out. It's so great, and I've enjoyed it so much and am SO thankful! But don't look into it all too much guys, we all love eachother very much!

About my boyfriend, like I mentioned in past blogs, I believe that you should feel appreciated! Women should be treated like princesses, and if you aren't, they're not worth it! And lately I truly have been. My boyfriend has cooked me dinner so much the past week, we've been taking long walks, and drives, and just laying down talking for hours and hours. It's been so amazing. We've truly cherished eachother and how much we love eachother, and that's just the best. because I truly do. And he is just the most amazing boy ever, and I've just had so much fun. I am so thankful, so blessed, so excited for the future. It's been amazing! I am so... HAPPY.

KCA! PLEASE vote for KCA guys! KCA is a huge thing for me because it is ALL you! It isn't critics, and all of that stuff that determines things like Oscars, and Grammys, this is so important to me because it is all you! I do everything I do for you guys, and I love doing it fo ryou guys! I'd rather have a KCA anyday than a Grammy because it's ALL. YOU. Would I appreciate a grammy? Ahem. Duh. Ha! But seriously, the KCA's and the TCA's, it's all YOU GUYS and that's what's most important to me because I know that I'm doing SOMETHING right. And I'm really working hard for oyu guys, and that I'm doing ENOUGH. This year might be my last year in a couple category's because Hannah IS ending by next KCA. So this is a very critical and important year for me in this award thing, and all of that, BLAH BLAH BLAH! I don't like using this for marketing at all, that's NOT what I'm trying to do, and I hope ya'll know that! I've just been thinking about KCA and wanted to share what I thought about it. it's not just "another award," AT ALL, it's saying that I am doing good TO you guys!! And that's what I'm working to do! You can vote as much as you want, there isn't a limit, so PLEASE check it out when/if you can and vote AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! So check out the link below and guys PLEASE vote. Please pelase PLEASE vote, it means SO much to me so PLEASE vote!!
PLEASE vote!!!

What other news do I have.. hmm.. Hannah is doing great! The record is doing awesome! Life is good, life is good, life is good..
I guess that's it, I hope your all doing awesome, loving life, loving God, loving everything going on! Remember to pray for Haiti, they're not cured yet, it's still doing bad so WE STLL NEED TO PRAY FOR THEM! Haiti, Chile, Hawaii, Japan, everywhere that's being affected by these huge natural disasters. TAKE CARE OF OUR PLANET YA'LL!!

I love you so much, God bless you all, and keep praying!
Remember to check out "Nothing to Lose" by myself and Bret Michaels. It's his song but it's amazing and I am so happy and proud to have been a part of it, hopefully we can do some awesome stuff with that song later in the year! I'm so excited! Xox.

Love always,

P.S. I can't wait for October <3


  1. Im glad that your mom's friend is Ok, and hopefully she will get back from Japan soon! I commend you for your words regarding what's happening with our planet and encouraging us to do something about, every little bit helps! I'm so happy that you are enjoying quality time with your friends and love ones, I cherish every moment I can have with my family, friends and boyfriend, and I try to tell them every day how much I love them :)
    Take care Miley! xoxo

  2. Miley you're such a saint. You never miss an opportunity to encourage us to pray, get involved, or make a difference in the world. and to be perfectly honest, it works. I don't think I would be as interested in helping the planet or people thousands of miles away if it weren't for you. so thanks!! I'm glad your mommy's friend is okay too.

    lets see, what else....umm as for the Niley/Nelena crap. SOOO lame. you've told us a billion times you're best friends and that's it and also that you're with Liam, so people really need to just leave it alone! that's what I think. I'm so so so happy for you and Liam I'm really jealous. you guys are meant to be together from what you've said

    anyways, of course i'll be voting!!! Let's bring you home every single award you're nominated for, k?

    i love you love you love you! you're amazing, inspirational, and a beautiful person inside and out :))

    god bless Miles, Paige

    ps: october? whaaaat!? new cd?? ;)

  3. I'm praying for Chile and Haiti and all the people who are suffering. There is hope in a God who hears the cry of His people<3

    & just so you know,
    I am voting for you in each and every category I see you in
    Even if there's Gaga and everything
    Cause you're really awesome like that.

    P.S. October? Whatttup with October?



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