Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laying out by the pool it's 10pm and it's so peaceful, no lights except for the pool lights under water, tiki torches and the moonlight, and of course that annoying LA light that always seems to be there even if it's not. Drinking juice from a cup with a lil umbrella in it :) it is so cute. I am really missing Franklin tonight. I love u all xo

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  1. love you too. missing virginia a lot lately. maybe always.

  2. Loved reading this (and the earlier blog). I can totally picture how peaceful it must have been. :) It's those simple moments that are usually the best.

    And LOL at the little umbrella.

  3. It's so great to look into the sky ant night isn't it? Would be so much better if the were no LA lights, but just close your eyes and imagine that you are in Franklin, that will make the annoying LA light go away :) Have a great peaceful night, full of beautiful dreams!

  4. Oooh....sounds so delightful. I live north of Seattle & up here it's generally pretty chilly this time of year. Today was a nice change though...we had blue skies and rays of warm sun that cascaded into the windows of the office I work at.

    Ok, so random thing: This past week has been a ridiculous race for the clock with a ton of art projects due for a college class...and the other nite I decided to watch a movie while I worked on a painting assignment..and ya know, I wanted to watch a happy one (what with being stressed & all) I popped in the Hannah Montana Movie. And like no joke, at the end when you sing The Climb, I stopped painting, propped myself in a cozy chair by the moviescreen, and had me an emo moment. That song--though I'm 20yrs old--just hits me huge. Unending college classes, transcripts, credits, applications, and homework assignments seem to feel choking sometimes...and the dreams inside seem almost like a cruel joke cause they haven't happened yet. More times than I can count I've played that song on my ipod as I've faced different moments of doubting whether I'll see my dreams happen in this lifetime...and listening to it inspires me to hope again that they will. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful song with the world, Miley...(cause man,there's those days when it feels like Jesus inspired it just for me to hear it).

    Sweet dreams & enjoy that LA sun for me!!
    -Alaina Douglass

  5. we love you too. i hope you never ever forget that or doubt that. ur beautiful! and i'm actually really jealous of the great day you had! I just wanna relax like that. it gets to be really hard when ur in high school :/ almost out though! yay! 3 monthsssss



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