Saturday, October 3, 2009

So I got sushi today! With manderz. She's the light in these gloomy 4 days I've been unable to leave the bed! I finally went out and got some take-out sushi!

Sushi + the flu = NOT a pretty picture!

So my mommy got me these really weird shoes! Anyone following my twitter has seen em ha! They're insaaaane! So now I'm thinking of movies to watch or something. Mandy can't stay and catch a flu! Blah! But we did make a short video. Not sure if we'll put it up or not for MANY reasons but we'll see! :)

I am SO over being sick! I want it to go away. I've never ever been SO sick in my LIFE! I cancelled so many shows. Including one that a dear friend was going to. You don't know the ammount of sadness, guilt, and sorrow I feel about it. But I'll hit STL reaaallyy soon!

Sorry to anyone who missed a show I CANT wait to be healthy!!! I'm dying of boredom!!! HA!

Xo, MC


  1. HEy Miley! Hope you get better soon! check out the video we, pinoy Milesters(miley cyrus philippines) made for you! :) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hey Miley girl, I feel like I've made a new pen pal in you here on your blog. Well, I kinda figured you would still be waaaay too sick to do your Stl concert tonight. Me & my dtr (Esther) had tickets - but honestly, after following your illness for days - we were both praying we'd receive the cancellation notice. And, we did!! When I saw it come online, I was really relieved for you Miles. You still need rest to make that body all better. And, it WILL happen very soon. My gosh, you've been a sick chick.

    I love the fl-ocks!! So ingenious! I also love your "nurse Noah" tweets lately - she is such a sweetheart Miley. Aren't little kids the best? My youngest who is 10 still cracks me up with his innocent comments. So funny.

    I can't imagine eating sushi w/ the flu - so I gotta hand it to ya Miles. You are da wo-man!!! Ya crack me up and I love ya.

    Me n Esther wish ya well and hope to see you up and running again very soon. Your show was rescheduled for us for Oct. 28 (so soon already)!! Hope you're all better by then for sure.

    Prayers and happy dreams Miley. Be well.

    Ginachick & AwesomeEsther <3 :o)

  3. I know it's late, but I had to fill you in on a hilarious "mommy & me" outing that I had today...which included you in a very surprising, round-about way...

    So we were out shopping for a new comforter for my bed (I'm wanting to update my room to look a bit more "French & classy")...and so over the course of the day we went to 7 major department stores in search of the perfect duvet cover. Well, in EVERY store we were in, we got to laughing because your pretty face was showing up everywhere....and on everything! I'm well aware that Hannah Montana has been an exploding phenomenon, but the actual reality of walking into our new Super-Walmart and seeing you on almost EVERY, that's just incredible. People could decorate an entire house--wall decals, toothbrushes, trash cans, pencils, barbies, clothes, bedding, drapes, etc....all in your great honor! (hahahaha....I do hope you realize I'm just being funny about all this. I in no way mock Disney's promotion of the legitimately talented and wonderful person that you are. My mom & I were just curious about what you think of it all...cause I'm sure you & your family go shopping and see yourself smiling everywhere too!)

    ...Though honestly, it's gotta be the weirdest for Zac Efron...with all the HSM promo's, his face got plastered all over lots of litte girl's pillows & nightgowns! (hahahaha)...

    Have a great Saturday night...all 2 minutes that's left of it...and a truly delightful Sunday.

    P.S. I was praying for you earlier today & I'm still believing for the absolute best in your health, your peace of mind and heart, and in your upcoming future.

    Sweet dreams Darlin'

  4. Oh, one more thing Miley - actually a question. I know you may not be able to answer my question specifically here. But, any hints will do.

    My 12 yr. old daughter is starting to be *sooo* picky and demanding about her clothes. She will not allow me to buy her anything but jeans and t-shirts and sneakers. She's always worn such cute things before, but honestly - she has matured and grown so fast this past year (already into puberty if ya know what I mean - eek) and is already out of the sizes all her friends are still in (you know, Justice, the Limited Too, etc.). She now wears jr. sizes and I'm afraid to tell you how big her shoe size is now (her dad/my hubby is 6'5" - I'm afraid she's taking after him). But she is gorgeous in every other way. Anyway, were you like this in these tween years, wanting independence from your mom re: clothing choices? Did you allow your mom to pick out your clothes at 12 yrs. old? I know your mom has excellent taste - I *love* your style and taste in clothes - I have always just assumed your mom has had some hand in your clothing choices, especially when you were younger.

    I guess what I'm trying to ask is, should I turn over her clothing choices to her 100% (even if they're so blaach alot of the times) or, in your opinion, should I still be able to have some control and input over her clothing choices? (Oh, also, she's much more *conservative* than even I am about what she'll wear - very sensitive about anything "showing" - which is good most of the time - but at times even ridiculous, like when she will not wear a reasonably cut v-neck w/o a cami underneath or something, or won't wear a white shirt that might show her bra underneath). Is this just the age?

    Well, just wondering if you might have a good idea for me to help with a "stubborn" young tween. Or, maybe your pal @Socialitism may have some insight on the topic of tweens and clothing choices (is it time for mom to cut the apron strings?) or something like that. Just random thoughts.

    Ok, I've blabbed on enough tonight. I'm sure the other bloggers want their turns, too. So, goodnight again Miley! :o)


  5. hey miley get better soon !
    dont worry about missing a concert your TRUE FANS understamd and will wait if they i had to , i know i would as its not your fault.

    i loved the flipfop thingys what are they called again ? haha that is deffo the next trend who dosnt love it . but i doubt we would were flipflops in England .. well i could but i would have cold feet and they would be wet haha OHH maybe they could create waterproof socks for flipflops .. YEH thats it , you know it i got there first !

    you may be bored beingill but make sure your 99.9 % as then when you come back to carry on with tour you can ROCK OUT :)

    better go got some coursework to dooo grrr sometimes i wish i didnt have to go school soo much stress !

    jess.rock on ...

    p.s. GET BETTER im praying for you x

  6. It's so sweet Mandy came to entertain u and u had sushi!
    I cant even think abt sushi.. im also sick and if i think of sushi i want to throw up(sry!).
    well, i hope u enjoyed ur sushi and that ur getting well soon!
    today i saw the first time the vid of ur Salt Lake City concert and that part when u ran off the stage. for some reason it made me so sad.. im so sad u got sick.. it must have been so hard for u.. i have NO idea wt i would have done if i started feeling so bad so suddenly. but u did great, miley! im praying for you and i really hope u'll get well soon and that u'll see Paige soon!

    love u<3

  7. hey miley i hope you feeling soon better :) i have this video for you made :) please watch it :)

    sushi with the flu lol :D

  8. beleive it or not i have exactly what you have and have blogged it so check out my blog please

  9. hey miley...we were inspired by your we made one of 'An Insight Into Boarding School Life'...please check it out.
    love always...ginger snap (gina)

  10. Miley, why don't u write anymore?
    i miss your blog entries!
    i identyfied in so many ways! plz dont stop writing!



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