Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm laying in bed, thinking WAY too much, but what's new? I'm so sick, and it really sucks. I have the flu, an ear infection AND strep! Could it get ANY worse?! Yes it could, but we won't get too far into that.

I've just been thinking a lot about life, but really, I'm not in the mood to write all of what is in my mind. It's too confusing for even me right now. Anywho, my fever is 102.5 and it reallyyy sucks! I have a show tomorrow and I am praying that I am better by that time. To everyone in Salt Lake, I am sooo sorry for leaving. I went backstage and got sick. It wasn't me taking a break OR getting emotional! Too many people say it was because it was "7 Things" I got emotional. Uh, no. Haha! Far far FAR from that. Im over it.

I am so thrown back into the past lately too, thinking about the past. How people hurt me and stuff. So yup, I think I'll go now! :) but thanks so much for thr patience you all have shown me, and the unconditional love you show. If only boys were as loyal and caring and loving as you fans ;) hehe.

I LOVE you all so much!! Thank you for everything and I can't wait to get rid of this so I can rock out for yall.

PS I will have some more "personal and thought process'd" things shortly. My mind can't focus right now. :)

Love always, MC <3


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  2. Miley,

    I hope you feel better soon! Having the flu sucks. I just got over it. Let me tell you what helped me get over it. Ginger tea, and Vapor rub. Drink some ginger tea, and put some vapor rub in a bowl, with some water and microwave it for 1:30 then put a towel over your head and sit over the bowl. So that ever 4 hours. and get A LOT of rest. You should be fine after that. That's what I did. Its my Grams home remedy. but it does work. As for the fever, tylenol or ibprofen. Or you could sweat it out, Put layers and layers of clothes on, get under 3 blankets and sleep. That works too. FEEL BETTER SOON! your in my prayers! =]

  3. i LOVE you Miley and you KNOW this. I pray to our mighty all powerful God up in the heavens that you may heal because he is the doctor that can cure anything a pill cant. Keep your faith up, and stay strong because you WILL overcome this. One way or the other!

    I wish you the best of luck! I'll talk to you later :D

    <3 always, Ashley

  4. Miley I hope you feel better soon it's not fun being sick. I had pneumonia twice when I was int the 8th & 9th grade and I had to stay home from school for five days. Get some rest & drink warm tea love you & god bless you Miley.

    Love Always
    Kayla :)

  5. I really hope you get better!!!

    We are waiting for you here, when will you come to Brazil?

  6. we love you too, Miley!

    and i really hope you`ll get better soon; good luck with your concerts; be the best..anyway, for me, you already are.

    sorry i didn't left any comment on your previous posts, but i read those`s just i didn't know what to say..anyway, i read every post of you on this blog, and on twitter too; i`m so lucky with this internet, because i can feel more close with Miley - the person, the girl which has the same age as me, and not principally with Miley - the star, the singer. and i`m glad i can do that.

    Love you.

    - Aida -

  7. Breathe. Rest. Take one hour/day at a time. If you aren't better for your show, then people will just have to understand. You, MC, are your own boss. You can only do what you can do. You can only push your body so far physically when you are this sick.

    I am praying you feel better immediately. Wish I had a magic pill to give you to make it ALL (physical and mental) better.

    Love you,

  8. hope you feel better soon !!
    i'm sick too :( sore throat all laughing at me just i speak soo... 'funny'
    but it realy nervs...
    hope you can sort your thoughts and just live in today :))

  9. I'm praying for ya Miles! :D
    remeber me? lesliemiley from twitter you replied to me :D My nickname is Pri
    I love your blog!
    God bless

  10. i agree with the bit where biys should be as loving as your fans even thou im a boy myself i know how ,uch the female get hurts by us, seriously tho i hope you get better soon u will be in my prayers as usual god bless


  11. Hi Miley,

    Strep throat is the is bad at the worst of times.. I had a really bad case not long ago, woke up in the middle of the night with a really bad feaver and I could barely breath. Its not fun!!! Anyways I hope your day watching the magical world of disney and hopefully getting some much deserved rest will work som magic on you and you are feeling 100% better in the morning :)

    Take care Miley and just remember you have a very loving family by standing by you and your fans will always support you... So Dont worry to much about having to cancel a few shows! Your health should always come first




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